What I do

Web developer working primarily on the LAMP stack


Knowledge in PHP, MySQL, Apache, XML, XSLT, Javascript. Proficient in object oriented development. Other loves include C#, C++, Python & Android development.


Experience in behaviour driven testing using Behat for PHP, unit testing in PHPUnit for PHP, unit testing in Jasmine & JSUnit for Javascript.


Experience in DSDM and Scrum agile methodologies. Version control in Git, experience on the command line & graphical clients like Sourcetree.

My team

I can't do what I do without the love and support of those closest to me


The guy

Traded rainy England for sunny Indiana. Andy likes all things tech, seeing what's on Netflix, going to the gym, airsoft, reading stuff about psychology, and probably a lot of other things.



The Wife

A transplant from upstate New York, Katie suffered a bout of sheer madness back in 2013 when she agreed to marry Andy. Katie likes being out in nature, being near (or on) water, and baking.



The Dog

Hailing from northern Wisconsin, Scout is the newest addition to the team. Hobbies include chewing things (and people), zoomies, afternoon snoozles, grrborking at the skittle under the fridge, and unconditionally loving every living creature under the sun.